THE AQUARIUM in Varna is a center for raising awareness about the diversity and specificity of the Black Sea flora and fauna. The live exposition of Aquarium - Varna includes many typical Black Sea fish species, as well as freshwater and exotic fish species. The exhibition halls display collections of shellfish and preserved fish and reptiles from different parts of the world's oceans. Information on the hydrobiological and hydrochemical characteristics of the Black Sea, as well as on the main elements of the marine food chain is presented. Recently, the collection has been enriched with diaphonized objects - fish, reptiles and invertebrates, colored by a special technique that allows clear tracking of the internal structure of organisms.

The aquarium is part of the Institute of Fish Resources - Varna (IFR), at the Agricultural Academy (SAA, Sofia). The institute has a rich library, with more than 30,000 books, textbooks and periodicals in the field of marine biology, hydrochemistry, oceanography, ichthyology, fisheries and fish industry, mariculture, aquaristics and more. The library keeps unique books and maps from the 19th century. 


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TIMMOD Promoting Technology Innovation in environmental monitoring and modelling for assessment of fish stock and non-fish resources 2020-2022 
WHITECLAM Research of sand (white) clams and new management proposals, Maritime and Fisheries Program, 2019-2021 
ECRAMON ECRAMON – Increasing the research and management capacity of marine non-fish resources in the Black Sea 2016-2017
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Final Conference TIMMOD Project 

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International Conference WHITECLAM 2021

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Good practices in Black Sea

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Development of the Regional DataBase for the Mediterranean & Black Seas (Med&BS RDB) meeting, 26 October, 2021

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Forty-fourth session of the GFCM 2-6 November, 2021

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