IFR-Varna is working with the following specific software products:

- In the marine shellfish modeling - MIKE 21 & ECOLAB

MIKE 21 is used for two-dimensional hydrodynamic modeling, and as input data for hydrodynamic models are used - bathymetric data, bottom resistance (expressed by roughness coefficient), viscosity, wind, water temperature and salinity, radiation voltages from waves, etc. The application of the EcoLab module to the software product MIKE 21 makes it possible to model the ongoing physical, chemical and biological processes in a given water body.

- In the genetics sector - BioEdit, DnSPv5, MEGA 7.0, TreeGraph




IRR - Varna has the following specific equipment for conducting:

- Hydrological research: Instrument for measuring current parameters - direction and speed RDCP 600 - "DOPPLER FLOW MEASURER FOR BOTTOM MOUNTING" version Standard - has a high-tech system for processing digital signals with low energy consumption, high - tech 32 - bit built - in central system for processing and embedded Windows operating system running in real time. SEAGUARD RCM - DEVICE FOR MEASURING THE FLOW PARAMETERS - DIRECTION AND SPEED - SEAGUARD® is a self-recording device; the recorded data is stored on a Secure Digital card (SD card) for further processing and analysis.

- Studies of water hydrochemistry: determination of the content of nutrients in sea water, specific equipment - CTD "Sea & Sun technology" for in situ determination of: salinity, temperature, water density, pH, oxygen and saturation; Spectrophotometer HITACHI Model U-2001 UV / Vis, analytical scales Precisa XT 220A, etc.

- Phytoplankton studies: CTD “Sea & Sun technology” for in situ determination of chlorophyll-a concentration. Bathometers - Niskin bottles 1l, 5 l volume), Nikon Eclipse E400 microscope, Olympus 4.1 mpx digital camera;

- Studies of mesozoo- and macrozooplankton: Microscope Olympus BO61 (trinoculare), Microscope Reichert, 1959, underwater video camera “Panasonic”, 2003, Echosounder Simrad EQ 33 -2500EUR, Plankton networks: Juday net (36 cm, 150μm), plankton 36 cm, 150μm), Bongo net (2X 60cm, 300 & 500μm);

- Studies of marine zoobenthos: - Grab "Van-Veen" (opening 0.1 m2), sieves, analytical balance SCALTEK SBC31 and microscopes Leica ICC50 - with built-in camera, Leica EZ4 - stereoscope with additional camera TUCSEN, stereoscope Nikon 102;

- Ichthyoplankton studies: Microscope Carl Zeiss Yena (monocular), Microscope Carl Zeiss Yena (stereomicroscope), technical scales, sampling network: Bongo net (2X 60cm, 300 & 500μm);

- Genetic research - DNA sequencing and PCR (Polymerase chain reaction) - technique for obtaining copies of a specific DNA region in vitro, PCR - Techne Progene DNA Thermal Cycler, specific software - BioEdit, DnSPv5, MEGA 7.0;

- Ichthyological researches.


TIMMOD Promoting Technology Innovation in environmental monitoring and modelling for assessment of fish stock and non-fish resources 2020-2022 
WHITECLAM Research of sand (white) clams and new management proposals, Maritime and Fisheries Program, 2019-2021 
ECRAMON ECRAMON – Increasing the research and management capacity of marine non-fish resources in the Black Sea 2016-2017
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20210625 110023

Final Conference TIMMOD Project 

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20200812 193440

International Conference WHITECLAM 2021

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good practices

Good practices in Black Sea

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Coming up

Development of the Regional DataBase for the Mediterranean & Black Seas (Med&BS RDB) meeting, 26 October, 2021

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Forty-fourth session of the GFCM 2-6 November, 2021

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