Scientific research on the caught, discarded and landed catch and biological data collection of fish species and other marine organisms by scientific observations on board of Bulgarian fishing fleet vessels in 2018-2019 - Download PDF

Biological monitoring (biological samples collection) of the landed Rapana catch by the Bulgarian fishery fleet, 2018-2019  - Download PDF

Pilot project for assessment of discard in Rapana venosa fisheries with beam trawls in the Black Sea; Evaluation of the impact on juvenile stages of turbot and shark - Download PDF

Bottom Trawl Surveys In The Bulgarian Black Sea Area - Download PDF

Stock Assessment of Scophtalmus maximus in Bulgarian Black Sea zone during autumn 2015 - Download PDF

Моделиране на динамиката на двата вида мекотели и сценарии за устойчиво използване на ресурсите, проект ECRAMON Black Sea - Download PDF


Eкологичен статус пред българския бряг на Черно море, проект ECRAMON Black Sea -  Download PDF

TIMMOD Promoting Technology Innovation in environmental monitoring and modelling for assessment of fish stock and non-fish resources 2020-2022 
WHITECLAM Research of sand (white) clams and new management proposals, Maritime and Fisheries Program, 2019-2021 
ECRAMON ECRAMON – Increasing the research and management capacity of marine non-fish resources in the Black Sea 2016-2017
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20210625 110023

Final Conference TIMMOD Project 

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20200812 193440

International Conference WHITECLAM 2021

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good practices

Good practices in Black Sea

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Development of the Regional DataBase for the Mediterranean & Black Seas (Med&BS RDB) meeting, 26 October, 2021

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Forty-fourth session of the GFCM 2-6 November, 2021

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