Within the project WHITECLAM - Research of sand white clams and new management proposals, within the Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Program (PMDR), an International Scientific Conference with open participation for R&D is planned - research and evaluation of marine non-fish resources (white clam) - WHITECLAM'2021.

The aim of the conference is to promote the project activities, exchange of good practices, international cooperation in the field of research and evaluation of marine non-fish resources, informing the public about the activities of the Project № BG14MFOP001-6.003-0004 "Research on species of the group of white mussels and a proposal for new management measures (WHITECLAM) ”under the 2014-2020 MAP.

The WHITECLAM project aims to determine the priority areas with accumulations of white mussels in the Bulgarian coast by updating the stocks, distribution and biological characteristics of the species of the group of white mussels (Chamelea gallina, Donax, Anadara iaequivalvis) and comparison with previous studies . In addition, the project aims to enrich and supplement the information on descriptors D 1 (Conservation of Biodiversity) and D 3 (Sustainable Stocks of Species subject to industrial fishing) of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (RDMS, 2008/56 / EC) in the studied habitats - infra- and sublittoral biocenoses, with dominant species of white mussels, as well as preparation of proposals for introduction of regulatory measures - reduction of fishing effort.

It is envisaged that local and international leading scientists and specialists will take part in the conference.

The conference will be held in the first half of October 2021.

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